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Manning Kass Strengthens New York Office with Addition of Insurance Fraud Law Group

June 03, 2024

New York, NY – June 3, 2024 – Manning Kass, a leading national law firm, proudly announces the integration of a distinguished insurance fraud law group into its New York office. With this partnership, the firm is poised to enhance its capabilities in insurance fraud and affirmative litigation, such as RICO cases.

This strategic alliance brings forth a wealth of expertise in navigating complex insurance fraud cases. The new team members will contribute to the firm's growth by broadening its reach across pivotal markets, thus bolstering its ability to serve clients on a national scale. This move solidifies Manning Kass’ position as a formidable force in combating insurance fraud and its reputation as a go-to firm for insurance fraud matters.

Led by Robert A. Stern and James McKenney, the new practice group, which includes 11 attorneys and 6 paralegals, brings over 25 years of concentrated experience in insurance fraud law. They specialize in tackling white-collar crime within the civil litigation arena, targeting organized crime rings and unscrupulous professionals who prey on insurance companies. Stern has been instrumental in creating new legal frameworks and theories of recovery for clients, particularly within the realm of insurance fraud detection, deterrence, prevention, and prosecution. He and his team are litigators, sleuths, and forensic investigators with a relentless dedication to their clients. Their deep-rooted knowledge and passion for insurance fraud law will not only enhance Manning Kass’ capabilities but also provide clients with greater access to top-notch legal talent and resources.

Reflecting on his decision to join Manning Kass, Stern highlighted the firm's expertise in battling insurance fraud and its outstanding track record in delivering results for the industry. "Manning Kass has a long, well-respected history of combating insurance fraud on behalf of insurance companies. I am thrilled to be joining such a prominent firm that has achieved outstanding results over the years on behalf of the insurance industry. Manning Kass has an incredible depth of talent and their reputation is stellar. We get the opportunity to work with such an incredible firm, further enhance the services we offer to our clients, and continue to make a significant impact in the insurance fraud recovery and prevention space. It doesn't get better than this.”

“Our firm has a proven track record spanning over three decades, in which we worked hard to become subject matter experts in the fields of insurance fraud and affirmative litigation, representing numerous insurance companies and achieving remarkable results,” noted Manning Kass Assistant Managing Partner, Steven D. Manning. “By joining Manning Kass, this new group of attorneys gets to tap into the experience and talent pool that we have. We provide a supportive and collaborative environment where our team members can thrive and continue to excel in their practice areas.”
Manning Kass Firm Managing Partner Dennis B. Kass expressed his excitement about the new additions, emphasizing the benefits of adding Stern's expertise. “Bob is widely recognized as a leader in this space on the East Coast. We eagerly anticipate the infusion of Bob and his team’s expertise into our firm’s fabric. It introduces yet another subject matter expert into our fold, one well-versed in East Coast fraud dynamics. This expansion fortifies our ability to combat fraud on a national scale. We could not be more excited.”

Jeanette L. Dixon, Managing Partner of the firm’s New York office, also expressed enthusiasm about the expansion, noting the significant growth the office has undergone: "This is our tenth year. It started with just two of us. To facilitate this evolution, it is extremely exciting. The New York office is moving in a phenomenal direction.”

For Manning Kass, a highlight of the new partnership is the opportunity to expand one of their major legal disciplines cross-country. The exciting prospects of expansion were not the only factors weighed during the transition, however. Stern emphasized the undeniable natural synergies within the two respective practices that made partnering with Manning Kass an obvious choice. Kass stressed the importance of cohesion between the teams in fostering a strong partnership. “Culture is really important to us,” Kass said. “Some firms ignore the importance of culture. We do not. A healthy and cohesive firm culture is paramount to us. This union is not something that happened overnight. We’ve enjoyed the last six months getting to know Bob and his team, making sure that the cultures fit.” 

Manning echoed Kass’ sentiments, adding, “We are impressed with Bob and his team's character. It’s important for us to work with people who are talented, hardworking attorneys, but also good people, and they certainly fit that bill.”

Manning Kass is committed to fostering a culture of collaboration and excellence and believes that the addition of the new practice group will further strengthen its position as a leader in the legal industry. The integration of the insurance fraud law group serves to further expand Manning Kass’ expertise, underscoring the firm’s steadfast commitment to delivering exceptional legal counsel and unparalleled value to its clients, and solidifying its position as a leader in combating insurance fraud on a national scale. 

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