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Daniel J. Sullivan Prevails in Tough Admitted Liability Case

April 7, 2022

Manning & Kass Senior Counsel Daniel J. Sullivan made waves as he recently secured a positive verdict for our client in a recent liability case. The incident occurred in 2016 as the defendant admitted to rear-ending the plaintiff, which lead to a total loss on her car and several injuries, including aggravation to a chronic condition. The plaintiff received extensive treatment including an emergency room visit, chiropractic and physical therapy, multiple pain management doctors who performed trigger point injections, two cervical and two lumbar epidural steroid injections, and a C5-6 cervical spine fusion surgery. Additionally, the plaintiff alleged the need for a future above-level, adjacent-level cervical spine surgery in five years, as well as a lumbar spine Rhizotomy. 

The plaintiff asked the jury for almost $2.5 million in damages, including $1 million in future general damages. While the defense admitted liability and conceded that the plaintiff sustained some injuries, they argued that there was no causation for the spinal injuries that the plaintiff received and was seeking future treatment for. The layered defense strategy included both a biomechanical and accident reconstruction expert as well as an orthopedic surgeon and neurologist.

After more than a month of trial, the jury deliberated for more than two days. The jury returned a verdict of less than 20% of what the plaintiff had initially requested. Congratulations to Daniel J. Sullivan on his fantastic work.