Security Services and Security Guard Litigation

Security guards are the eyes and ears of organizational leaders and business and property owners. They watch over shopping malls, corporate offices, museums, schools and private events, and are often required to make split-second decisions in the name of public safety. They can be called to confront suspicious or mentally disturbed individuals, gang members or paparazzi—even would-be criminals. When forced to arrest, detain, or escort an undesirable off premises, security guards walk a veritable minefield of potential liability, including allegations such as assault and battery, civil rights violations, and false arrest. On the other hand, a security guard who hesitates to take action can bring charges of negligence.

Manning Kass handles a full range of civil cases and has developed considerable expertise and a superior reputation in security services and security guard litigation. Our Security Services and Security Guard Litigation team is led by Kathleen A. Hunt, who has been a civil litigator for more than twenty years and is a member of both the California and New York state bars. Her clients include many of the largest and most well-known national and international security service corporations, including a corporation with more than $10 billion in annual revenue that an industry resource site calls “the second most powerful private security company in the world.”

We have a depth of experience with use-of-force tactics and training, arrests, and dealing with the criminal element. Many of the lawyers on our team are also members of the Governmental Entity Liability Team, who are well-known for their defense of police and sheriff’s departments. We recognize that the complex issues encompassing private security guard litigation require specialized knowledge general tort practioners do not typically possess.

As a result, we are one of the few firms with the necessary experience and know-how to successfully defend private security litigants. We pride ourselves on our thorough knowledge of state licensing requirements and security industry standards and practices. Our team’s cohesiveness ensures our clients that every possible resource will be applied toward a favorable resolution.