Product Liability

The Product Liability team at Manning Kass has extensive experience in defending against all manner of product liability claims involving negligence, strict liability, or breach of warranty of fitness. More specifically, our Product Liability Team frequently handles asbestos and toxic tort cases, including matters pertaining to peripheral defendants, secondhand exposure, and fraudulent conveyance.

Product liability suits can be brought against any or all parties along the chain of manufacture of any product, and have involved injuries not only from the direct use of products but injuries resulting from the cumulative effect or conditions supposedly brought about by the use of a product over time. These claims are sometimes made decades after a plaintiff’s initial exposure to an allegedly harmful product. Many of these suits can and should be disposed of in law and motion by way of summary judgment. Our Product Liability team works closely with specialists in our firm’s Strategy, Writs, and Appeals team in such instances, and has obtained favorable results for many clients who may have otherwise faced expensive protracted litigation.

We pride ourselves on early evaluation, carefully crafted discovery, and early disclosure of expert opinions. We are mindful of the public's perception of lawsuits on the safety of consumer products and are eager to do everything possible to protect the image of the product and its manufacturer. Our extensive network of specialists provide services such as multimedia accident reconstruction and independent consulting in areas such as engineering design, health and human factors, and biomechanics.