Governmental Entity Liability

The law firm of Manning Kass has deep, patriotic ties to America’s public entities. For more than two decades, our firm has represented city, county, state and federal governmental clients. And founding partner Steven D. Manning is the son of former Los Angeles City Fire Department Chief, Donald O. Manning.

Our Governmental Entity Liability team is led by Eugene P. Ramirez, of whom the Daily Journal stated, “when local law enforcement agencies get in trouble, they call Ramirez." For twenty years, he has also provided training to thousands of police officers and supervisors, across the United States and Canada. Our Governmental Entity Liability team handles:

  • Dangerous condition cases
  • Educational law
  • Internal affairs investigations
  • Law enforcement officer liability, including:
    • Arrest-related deaths
    • Civil rights defense
    • Electronic control device (ECD) litigation
    • In-custody deaths and medical issues
  • Municipal liability
  • Policy review
  • Public entity defense and audits

Since many of our attorneys have held careers in the public sector, we are particularly adept at understanding the special environment in which public entities operate. We are well versed in the procedural and substantive defenses afforded governmental defendants by the Federal Torts Claims Act, the California Torts Claim Act, and such related judicial doctrines as government contractor doctrine, exhaustion of remedies, standing, and sovereign immunity.