Immigration Law

Immigration law is a fast-paced, highly volatile arena. Changes occur frequently, sometimes overnight. Forms used in immigration applications constantly evolve, as do the procedures involved. Stakes can depend on individual immigration officers and their handling and interpretation of a case. To succeed in this nuanced climate, the Immigration Law team at Manning Kass responds to each client in an attentive and personal manner, employing a variety of techniques.

Our Immigration Law team provides clients with the most current immigration advice available, in a culturally sensitive manner. We stay connected and informed through electronic communication, social media, and other opportunities provided by the Internet era. We also make use of the latest advances in computerized immigration form processing to expedite matters for our clients as quickly as possible. Our firm’s diversified staff, team approach and investment in up-to-date materials and continuing education give our team a competitive advantage in the field. As part of a firm of more than 150 attorneys in 7 U.S. cities, our team has access to experts in fields such as business, corporate, employment, entertainment, and transactional law. We can offer our clients valuable inter-disciplinary services that are rarely available in smaller firms that work only on immigration matters.

As a special area of expertise, our firm also handles Canadian immigration cases. Through Canadian Consulates in the United States, we can help virtually any business or independent applicant obtain approval for immigration to Canada. Sometimes, clients who have difficulty obtaining permission to enter or stay in the United States employ us to get them a visa for Canada as a temporary measure, until their U.S. immigration papers have been cleared. Also, our familiarity with Canadian immigration law helps us better serve clients who are interested in NAFTA free trade visas.

In short, whether our clients wish to immigrate to the United States or to Canada, our firm is ready to put its knowledge and experience of immigration law to work for them.