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Dennis Kass Wins Public Service Attorney of the Year Award from IASIU

The International Association of Special Investigation Units ("IASIU") has named Founding Partner Dennis B. Kass as Attorney of the Year. IASIU’s Public Service Award, they state, recognizes NICB, law enforcement, prosecutors, and representatives from public agencies and/or organizations. One or more significant events of the investigation must have occurred during the year of the award.

Dennis B. Kass is celebrated for his impact, positive effect on the insurance industry, positive effect on the outside community, and the uniqueness and exceptional quality of his work. This year he obtained a published appellate decision in State ex rel Geico v. Thrive et al ((2016) 244 Cal. App. 4th 1184). This case is the first to make clear that California’s anti-fraud statute, Insurance Code section 1871.7, does not require damages or detrimental reliance.

Mr. Kass received his award in front of an audience of just under 1,000 people at the Red Rock Resort in Las Vegas on September 13, 2016. IASIU is an influential, growing professional organization driven by principle and high standards of conduct, with members from the US, Canada, Germany, Southeast Asia, South America and more.

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