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Global Media Quotes Partner Tim Kral in Police Defense Case

Since August of 2012, Los Angeles based Governmental Entity Liability Team partner Timothy J. Kral has represented Corporal Jay Cicinelli in a civil trial brought against the city of Fullerton, six officers, Chief Michael Sellers and Chief Pat McKinley. The suit was filed on behalf of Ron Thomas, father of (the deceased) Kelly Thomas. Kelly Thomas was a homeless man with schizophrenia who died in July 2011, after violently resisting arrest.

Mr. Kral's comments to the AP wire were picked up in September by numerous major press outlets worldwide, including The Washington Times, The New York Times, San Jose Mercury News, Long Beach Press Telegram, San Francisco Chronicle, The Seattle Times, Houston Chronicle, The Denver Post, Yahoo News UK, and at least fifty other outlets.

Mr. Kral stated at that time that his client used only reasonable and lawful force to "overcome Mr. Thomas' very active resistance"—a finding, the AP notes, supported by the jury in the criminal trial.

The case made global headlines again on November 23, on the eve of trial. After jury selection had been completed, the plaintiff accepted an offer made by the city's insurers. "The evidence would have clearly shown that Jay Cicinelli's force did not cause or contribute to Mr. Thomas' death" and the ex-officer is trying to get his job back, according to Mr. Kral's statement to ABC news. 

The law firm of Manning & Kass, Ellrod, Ramirez, Trester is often tasked to take in some of the most challenging, high-profile and complex cases in defense of public servants and other professionals. "Law enforcement officers are typically very self-reliant people," Mr. Kral, a former police officer himself, elaborated after reviewing the enormous public interest in this case in the months leading up to trial. "These are people who are trained to go in and take control of chaotic and often violent situations to defend us. The one place they really need help is in a court of law. They need lawyers with knowledge of law enforcement methods to take on the rush to judgment so often made by the media and public. I am honored to defend those who selflessly and tirelessly defend others."