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Jonathon D. Sayre Published in Insurance Journal

Jonathon D. Sayre, leader of the firm's Subrogation Team, has been selected for publication in the September issue of Insurance Journal.

His article, titled “Whether to File a Lien or Intervene: Practical Considerations to Maximize Subrogation Recovery,” helps adjusters work with their counsel to determine which subrogation strategies, if any, are appropriate in their situation.

As Mr. Sayre writes, "There are three ways the insurance com-pany can pursue the responsible third party: 1) file a complaint against the third party; 2) join as a party plaintiff or intervene in an action brought by the employee against the third party; or 3) allow the employee to prosecute such action and apply for a lien upon the net amount of the employee’s judgment. (Gilford v. State Compensation Ins. Fund (1974) 41 Cal.App.3d 828, 831 [116 Cal.Rptr. 615]). "

The article then discusses the four key ideas in maximizing recovery: 1) Managing the adjuster/attorney relationship; 2) Filing notice of a lien; 3) Knowing when NOT to file; and 4) Deciding to intervene.

To read the full article online, click here.

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