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Marty Holly Earns Unanimous Defense Verdict in Liquid Detergent Slip and Fall

A six-day jury trial resulted in a 12-0 defense verdict. Plaintiff alleged that she slipped and fell in a 20-30 foot spill of liquid detergent. A renown standard of care expert testified on behalf of Plaintiff that the store was negligent in failing to warn its customers of a substance on the floor, and that the store’s flooring was improper for its intended use. Plaintiff’s medical experts, an orthopedic surgeon and a physiatrist, asserted that Plaintiff suffered debilitating and life changing injuries to her left wrist, left arm (a humeral head fracture), left hip, left shoulder area (a nondisplaced mid-clavicular fracture), and lower back (lumbar disc herniation with radiculopathy) that failed to improve with time, physical therapy, and therapeutic injections. 

The court awarded costs against Plaintiff, including those recoverable pursuant to Code of Civil Procedure Section 998.

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