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Mildred K. O'Linn Editorial in Police Magazine: Cops are Not Ninjas

Mildred K. O'Linn, a partner in the Los Angeles office of Manning & Kass as well as former officer and certified law enforcement trainer, has authored an informative editorial published in the July 16, 2015, issue of Police Magazine.

The article, titled "Cops are Not Ninjas," explores the ramifications of both villifying and glorifying police work in popular culture. On one hand, a negative stereotype gives the message that "all cops are bad," and on the other hand, the public still has the expectation of superhuman, infallible officers.

The general public does not realize, as Ms. O'Linn explains, that "Nationwide, officers on average receive limited or no hands-on physical skills training on an annual basis."

She continues, "… Make no mistake: trained ninjas with Wyatt Earp gun-fighting skills that can talk their way out of anything and perform surgery in the streets would be great, but we all know that is not the reality for American law enforcement."

To read the full editorial, click here.

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