April 28, 2022

Eugene Ramirez Interviewed in Live Global News Program on the Brooklyn Subway Shooting

Founding Partner Eugene P. Ramirez was recently interviewed in a live segment for CGTN America’s global news program about the arrest of the Brooklyn subway shooting suspect. A topic of conversation was the need for more police presence and citizens being more aware of their surroundings. “If you see it, call it in,” stated Mr. Ramirez. Should the authorities have intervened sooner given the suspect’s extensive arrest record and should he have been able to purchase a handgun are some of the questions Mr. Ramirez hopes will be answered in the coming days.

April 18, 2022

Manning & Kass Earns Reversal of District Court's MSJ Order for Defendant LAPD Officer

Los Angeles Partner Lynn L. Carpenter and Founding Partner Eugene P. Ramirez lead a team that recently earned a reversal by the Ninth Circuit on a District Court's denial of qualified immunity in the case of Turner v City of Los Angeles

April 12, 2022

Manning & Kass Team Earns Victory in Federal Court

Congratulations to our Governmental Entity Liability practice for winning a motion for summary judgment on all federal claims on behalf of the defendant the City of Fresno and its individually-named defendant officers. The litigation team, led by Partners Mildred K. O'Linn and Lynn L. Carpenter, and the firm's law and motion specialist, successfully convinced the court to dismiss multiple federal claims. The incident as described below involves allegations of asphyxiation arising out of an incident on May 10, 2017, involving both Fresno Police Department officers and Fresno County deputies. 

April 7, 2022

Daniel J. Sullivan Prevails in Tough Admitted Liability Case

Manning & Kass Senior Counsel Daniel J. Sullivan made waves as he recently secured a positive verdict for our client in a recent liability case. The incident occurred in 2016 as the defendant admitted to rear-ending the plaintiff, which lead to a total loss on her car and several injuries, including aggravation to a chronic condition. The plaintiff received extensive treatment including an emergency room visit, chiropractic and physical therapy, multiple pain management doctors who performed trigger point injections, two cervical and two lumbar epidural steroid injections, and a C5-6 cervical spine fusion surgery. Additionally, the plaintiff alleged the need for a future above-level, adjacent-level cervical spine surgery in five years, as well as a lumbar spine Rhizotomy. 

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