July 28, 2020

Eugene P. Ramirez to Present in the 2020 Virtual University Cities Summit Hosted by IMLA

Founding Partner Eugene P. Ramirez is scheduled to be a presenter in this year’s University Cities Summit on July 31, 2020, hosted by The International Municipal Lawyers Association (IMLA). The presentation, titled “Policing In University Cities,” will cover the growing backlash against police around the country and the issues related to policing in university cities under the current anti-police climate.

July 20, 2020

Proposed Reforms: Police Service Dogs

Due to protests held in cities across the nation earlier this year and concurrent demand from activist groups for ever-more restrictive limits on police efforts to protect the public, current law enforcement policy and procedures are under increased scrutiny. The policies and procedures relating to the use of police service dogs are no exception. Several states have recently introduced policies specifically addressing the use of police service dogs as a use of force tactic.

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