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Proposed Reforms: Police Service Dogs

Due to protests held in cities across the nation earlier this year and concurrent demand from activist groups for ever-more restrictive limits on police efforts to protect the public, current law enforcement policy and procedures are under increased scrutiny. The policies and procedures relating to the use of police service dogs are no exception. Several states have recently introduced policies specifically addressing the use of police service dogs as a use of force tactic.

In our latest update on trends in regulations and legislation targeting law enforcement, Governmental Entity Liability Team Leader Eugene P. Ramirez examines new rules for police service dog procedure that have been recently proposed in several states. He analyzes the impact such rules could have on law enforcement's ability to continue to use this valuable tool in policing efforts and explores the possibility that some proposals could lead to the complete elimination of K-9 units in some areas. He goes on to suggest changes and upgrades to agencies' current practices and policies that could help avoid future targeting of their K-9 units for such draconian restrictions.

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