November 24, 2015

Global Media Quotes Partner Tim Kral in Police Defense Case

Since August of 2012, Los Angeles based Governmental Entity Liability Team partner Timothy J. Kral has represented Corporal Jay Cicinelli in a civil trial brought against the city of Fullerton, six officers, Chief Michael Sellers and Chief Pat McKinley.

November 5, 2015

Plaintiff Suit Stopped from Proceeding to Trial

Shari L. Rosenthal recently argued a Motion for Summary Judgment written by Kevin H. Louth on behalf of the firm's client, a dealer of scrap automobile parts. The plaintiff had signed a clear, concise, three paragraph release before entering the premises, which effectively terminated his right to litigate against the defendant in the event of personal injury while visiting the junkyard.

November 4, 2015

MSJ Granted in Construction Breach of Contract Case

Rinat Klier-Erlich recently argued a successful Motion for Summary Judgement crafted by Robert P. Wargo on behalf of the firm's client.

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