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Dennis B. Kass Discusses Change and Leadership with the Los Angeles Business Journal

April 19, 2024

Several weeks after the announcement that the firm would be naming a new leader for the first time in its 30-year history, Manning Kass is still in the spotlight. The Los Angeles Business Journal recently sat down for an exclusive interview with new Firm Managing Partner Dennis B. Kass, where they discussed what it was like for Kass to swap roles with Founding Partner Steven D. Manning, the events that led up to this change, and the business decisions he’s had to make since assuming this new role, including the hire of the firm’s first chief operating officer.

Diversity has been the main building block since the formation of the firm, from the various backgrounds of its attorneys to its wide selection of practice areas and services. In the interview, Kass elaborates on the thought process behind how this principle ensures the firm’s continued success. “The best decisions are made by people from every walk of life. We have 39 practice areas that make us pretty recession-proof. And then we have a lot of clients within each practice area. That diversity gives us financial strength and stability.”

These are exciting times with a future full of promise. Click on the following link to read the article and find out more about the new direction of Manning Kass.

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