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Dennis B. Kass and Richard G. Garcia to Present at the IASIU 2019 Seminar & Expo

Los Angeles Founding Partner Dennis B. Kass and San Francisco Partner Richard G. Garcia are scheduled to lead a workshop at the annual IASIU 2019 Seminar & Expo in Phoenix, Arizona on September 8-11. They will be joined by CNA Insurance SIU Director (Major Case Operations) Steve Walden and their workshop will address many of the new trends in insurance fraud from both counsel and client perspectives.

The seminar brings together the world's leading SIU professionals at the forefront of detecting, investigating and deterring insurance fraud. As the largest seminar in the field, IASIU 2019 offers more than 45 workshops, on topics including auto issues, property issues, medical fraud, major case/ring investigations, technology, worker's compensation and international issues.

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