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Former Police Officer and Firm Founding Partner Gene Ramirez Makes the Case for Cameras

Eugene P. Ramirez is a founding partner of the firm, and a former police officer. He has written for Police Chief Magazine and has appeared on MSNBC and Al Jazeera America. He is nationally known as an expert on BWC's, or Body Worn Cameras. His most recent article is published on

Highlights include the following insight: "The truth is, not everybody is embracing the cameras, partly because of the cost. The Los Angeles Police Department, for instance, has taken a $250,000 gift from the Los Angeles Dodgers and other private donors to cover the cost of officers’ cameras. Cameras mounted in patrol cars are also expensive and don’t always work. Once you get too far away from a dash-mounted camera, no footage of an incident will be recorded. The audio recorder won’t pick up the sound of an incident that’s too far away. Let’s not forget the cost of storing all that footage."

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