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Manning Kass Team Earns Motion For Summary Judgment for Riverside County

May 1, 2023

The Manning Kass Government Entity Liability team earned another accolade as it was awarded a Motion For Summary Judgment in a recent case involving an incident in February 2020. 

The Riverside County Sheriff’s Department Probation and Compliance Team (P.A.C.T.) were looking for a parolee at large when they discovered the parolee’s car near the plaintiff’s residence. They knocked on the plaintiff’s door, but received no answer and turned to leave. As they were leaving, the plaintiff released his trained Rottweiler guard dog toward the deputies. As the dog charged and leaped at one of the deputies, he fired one round at the dog, which survived. The plaintiff went on to sue the County of Riverside for negligence and other intentional torts.

The Manning Kass team, led by Los Angeles Associate Kayleigh A. Anderson and Orange County Associate Jessica L. Becerra, argued that the plaintiff’s claims were procedurally deficient for failure to comply with the California Tort Claims Act and he made an improper attempt to establish direct liability on the County. Throughout the case, the plaintiff attempted to create several factual disputes due to the lack of BWC video of the incident. Despite this, the Manning Kass team was awarded the MSJ. Congratulations to Ms. Anderson and Ms. Becerra