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Manning & Kass Team Notches Another Anti-SLAAP Win in High-Profile Case

On the heels of victory in a previous high-profile anti-SLAAP case, the Manning & Kass Entertainment Law team have notched another anti-SLAAP win.

In 2018, the plaintiff became embroiled in a high-profile divorce from a luxury auto dealer and rose to public prominence. She signed releases agreeing to appear on a national television show produced by Authentic Entertainment during this time. The plaintiff later brought suit against several parties involved with the program, alleging 23 causes of action ranging from misrepresentation to defamation.

Founding Partner Anthony J. Ellrod and Los Angeles Associate Natalya D. Vasyuk, brought an anti-SLAAP motion before the court. The defense argued that the plaintiff filed the lawsuit to intimidate Authentic Entertainment and other parties from exercising their First Amendment rights.

The motion was a resounding victory for the defense, with the court disposing 21 of the 23 causes of action. 

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