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New Firm Managing Partner Dennis B. Kass Discusses Transition with Law360

March 21, 2024

Manning Kass has been generating some buzz this week as the official announcement about Dennis B. Kass taking the reins from Steven D. Manning as the new Firm Managing Partner spreads throughout the community. In a new article for Law360’s Pulse newsletter, Kass discusses his journey to this momentous transition, what it’s been like working with Manning, and the the vital practices to which he attributes the firm’s success.

When discussing the future, Kass’ plan is to continue to build on Steve’s leadership practices, doing more of what they have already been doing. "I've been acting as the assistant managing partner for a long time,learning at his shoulder," Kass said. "He has done an amazing job with this firm. His leadership is incredible."
Kass explained that the secret to the success of his partnership and friendship with Manning lies in their common vision and communication, and cited diversity as one of the most important contributions to the firms DNA. "We're a very diverse firm. Before diversity, equity and inclusion became the cause du jour, that's just who we were," he said. From its inception in 1994, Manning Kass’ founding partners recognized the importance of diverse points of view. “We've always realized its important, and now we've received awards for DEI. We appreciate it, but it's a little embarrassing. It's just natural and normal, so it's weird to be recognized for it. It's part of who we are." 

Kass also cited the importance of having a great working environment, and how setting that standard has helped shape firm culture as well as hiring practices at the firm. When discussing what he looks for in an ideal candidate, he said “I'll take an A-/B+ candidate who is easy to work with, a good person, over an A+ who is a jerk,any day.”

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