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Manning & Kass Jumps 28 Spots on NLJ 500 List

The NLJ 500, The National Law Journal's survey of the 500 largest US law firms in the by attorney headcount, shows a significant gain for Manning & Kass. Surveys were distributed this year to more than 900 law firms to determine the 500 largest U.S.-centered firms.

Manning & Kass, an NLJ "Tier One" firm, jumped 28 spots, a %12.2 increase from the 2016 list. There were 165 attorneys, including 70 partners, at the time of the survey. Manning & Kass also scored among top firms for women, with a distinctly higher number of women attorneys and partners than similar sized firms.

Many of the top firms have pedigrees stretching back into the mid-20th and even 19th centuries. Manning & Kass was founded in 1994, with only sixteen attorneys, and has grown organically, without mergers or acquisitions.