September 22, 2023

Manning Kass Launches Constitutional Policing Team

Manning Kass is proud to announce the launch of its new Constitutional Policing team. Founded in 1994 with only a handful of attorneys and two practice areas, Manning Kass has grown to seven offices across the United States, with over 160 attorneys and now nearly 40 practice areas. 

September 12, 2023

Manning Kass Team Has A Motion For Summary Judgment Granted And Featured In The Daily Journal

Manning Kass’s Governmental Entity Liability team continues its run of success, recently having a motion for summary judgment granted in its entirety. The case revolved around an incident in 2019. The San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department (SBSD) responded to a 911 call from a neighbor reporting that a local male resident had fired several rounds into the neighbor’s trailer. Multiple shots had been heard from the resident’s address and there were reports that he had shot at a SBSD helicopter.

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