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Manning & Kass Responds to COVID-19

The entire world is currently facing troubling times. The COVID-19 pandemic has attacked nearly every area of the planet. While no location or industry is immune, our public servants and county facilities have been hit harder than most.

For 26 years, the law firm of Manning & Kass, Ellrod, Ramirez, Trester LLP has been there to help out federal, state and local municipalities with every type of legal problem that they experience. Now is no different.

The firm is pleased to announce that it has established a COVID-19 response team. This team has tremendous experience with issues involving jail and prison diseases (including Valley Fever), law enforcement workers’ compensation claims, use of force claims arising out of law enforcement contacts and civil unrest disturbances, policy and training concerns, business interruption scenarios, and questions regarding the constitutionality of federal, state, and local ordinances and executive orders. For the past few months, this team has been actively working and responding to the pressing issues that have emerged, and continue to do so, from the COVID-19 pandemic.

If your agency is currently experiencing any problems associated with the current crisis, please contact us immediately. As ever, we are here to help.


COVID, CORRECTIONS, AND THE CONSTITUTION - Los Angeles Senior Counsel Mae Alberto and Los Angeles Associate Laraya Parnell discuss the impact COVID-19 has had on the correctional system in relation to the Eight Amendment and the Constitution.

COVID-19: PROTECTING LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS AND OTHER GOVERNMENT WORKERS - Los Angeles Associate Nicole E. Hoikka examines how the obligations of employers to protect law enforcement and other government workers from COVID-19 infection have shifted in response to the pandemic.

THE CLASS ACTION EFFECT: EXAMINING CORONAVIRUS LAWSUITS FROM ACROSS THE COUNTRY AND SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA - Los Angles Senior Counsel Robert Murphy highlights the numerous of lawsuits that have already been filed on behalf of prisoners and inmates in multiple states and in multiple jurisdictions in California on both the state and federal level.

THE IMPACT OF COVID-19 ON GOVERNMENT AGENCY DISCLOSURES UNDER THE CALIFORNIA PUBLIC RECORDS ACT - Orange County Senior Counsel Edwin N. Sasaki emphasizes that government agencies must still consider devoting some portion of their resources to responding to public records requests or they run the risk of inviting strong negative publicity and a highly contentious and expensive lawsuit.

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