March 28, 2024

Congratulations To Anthony J. Ellrod And Trisha E. Newman For Their DEI Nominations

Founding Partner Anthony J. Ellrod and Partner Trisha E. Newman were officially nominated and recognized for the Los Angeles Business Journal’s Diversity, Equity + Inclusion Symposium &  Awards. The Los Angeles Business Journal hosted a live event on March 21 where they honored DEI champions in the Los Angeles region for their ongoing efforts to advance diversity and inclusion in the workplace and business leadership while simultaneously creating an inclusive environment that enables diversity and equity to thrive.

March 21, 2024

New Firm Managing Partner Dennis B. Kass Discusses Transition with Law360

Manning Kass has been generating some buzz this week as the official announcement about Dennis B. Kass taking the reins from Steven D. Manning as the new Firm Managing Partner spreads throughout the community. In a new article for Law360’s Pulse newsletter, Kass discusses his journey to this momentous transition, what it’s been like working with Manning, and the the vital practices to which he attributes the firm’s success.

March 20, 2024

Dennis B. Kass and Steven D. Manning Reflect on New Chapter with the Daily Journal

After announcing that Dennis B. Kass will be the new Firm Managing Partner, he and Steven D. Manning took some time to chat and reflect on this transition with the Daily Journal. “It has been the greatest privilege and honor of my life to serve as managing partner,” Manning said. “I am very proud of what our firm has accomplished and together, we’re going to continue to break barriers.”

March 12, 2024

Manning Kass Announces New Firm Managing Partner Dennis B. Kass

For the first time in its 30-year history, Manning Kass proudly announces a new Managing Partner: Dennis B. Kass. The transition begins a transformative new era for the firm, which has been at the forefront of legal excellence and innovation since its inception in 1994. Dennis B. Kass, a Founding Partner and former Assistant Managing Partner, steps into the role following the remarkable tenure of Steven D. Manning, who has led the firm with unparalleled dedication for the last 30 years. Under his leadership, Manning Kass has achieved monumental success, cultivating a culture of teamwork, excellence, and familial unity among its attorneys and staff while ascending to the top of every major legal index and survey, including the National Law Journal, Law360, Los Angeles Times, and Lawyers of Color, amongst others.

March 7, 2024

Manning Kass Prevail Again In Ninth Circuit

In a published decision dated October 17, 2023, a panel majority of Ninth Circuit Judges affirmed the Oregon district court's summary judgment for law enforcement officers in an action alleging, in part, that defendants violated Remi Sabbe's Fourth Amendment rights in an incident that ultimately led to his death.  The incident in question took place in Washington County, Oregon. Washington County Law enforcement responded to calls from a neighbor that Mr. Sabbe was driving a pickup truck erratically on a rural field on his own property, that he was drunk, belligerent, and may have fired a gun. An hour after thirty officers arrived at the property, law enforcement used an unmarked armored vehicle to twice execute a pursuit intervention technique ("PIT") maneuver by intentionally colliding with Sabbe's truck in the field. Officers shot Mr. Sabbe after hearing a gunshot and seeing a rifle pointed at them.

March 1, 2024

Hannah L. Ellenhorn Achieves Victory Settlement In Complex Case

Los Angeles Associate Hannah L. Ellenhorn continues her impressive winning streak. Despite being a late addition to the case and having less than a week for preparation, Ms. Ellenhorn demonstrated her exceptional skill and acumen in successfully resolving a claim for 5% of the plaintiff’s initial demand.

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