May 22, 2024

Mark Wilson Prevails Against Equitable Indemnity Claim

San Francisco Partner Mark Wilson prevailed in the California 2nd District Court of Appeal earlier this month, defeating an equitable indemnity cross-complaint arising out of fraud allegations and leading the court to affirm the trial court’s judgment in favor of our client.

May 14, 2024

Joana Y. Coloma Secures Defense Verdict in Workers’ Compensation Case

New York Associate Joana Y. Coloma recently achieved a defense verdict for our Workers’ Compensation team. The case arose out of the claimant’s allegations that a fire extinguisher fell on her during the course of her work duties and caused her to sustain injuries to the head (brain), neck, back, and left knee.

May 8, 2024

Trisha E. Newman To Be A Panelist At The 49th Annual SLA Conference

Los Angeles Partner Trisha E. Newman has been invited to speak at the 2024 Sports Lawyers Association (SLA) Annual Conference taking place on May 9-11 in Baltimore, Maryland.

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